Volunteers / Partners


Volunteers help the museum visitors feel welcome and explore the connections to our displays and artifacts. Volunteers spread the word in the community about the museum, our collections and events. Volunteers help with maintenance, renovation, restoration, and administrative tasks.

Your time is valuable and we appreciate the importance of finding a good fit as you consider a volunteer commitment.

With the help of over 75 volunteers, we maintain the buildings, care for the exhibits and build new ones, host our many happy visitors and guide many groups including lots of children and senior citizens, church groups and scouts. Many different volunteers serve as the receptionist/cashier and hosts during our open season from May to October.

If you would like to learn more about upcoming volunteer opportunities, please call us at 309-243-9020 or email: info@wheelsotime.org

These are some examples of our current volunteer opportunities:

Partner Organizations

The museum has benefited greatly by partnering with the Early Ford V8 Club which maintains a display that changes monthly, and with the Heart of Illinois Fire Enthusiasts and Collectors who have beautifully restored a 1931 Ahrens Fox Fire Truck which belonged to the Peoria Fire Department.

The Peoria Historical Society has a featured display in our new exhibit building.

We  thank Mark and Jennifer Monge for all the wonderful videos and photographs of the museum that they have gifted to us for many years.